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Archipelagos full version download.

Archipelagos free download.

Monkey Pole Climb downloads in English and Russian.

iPhone Monkey Pole Climb

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Monkey Pole Climb finally to make an appearence

14th September 2011

After many delays and graphical changes, Monkey Pole Climb is soon to become available in conjunction with Blitz 1UP. We'll let you know where you can download it once we know. In the meantime feast on a short video of gameplay here.


Another SlideRules Review

22nd January 2009

iPhone App reviews have give SlideRules 4-stars and a good review. See it here.

Also we have today added a free download of our 2006 game Squirt the Bee to the site


SlideRules Lite Released:

19th January 2009

After one rejection, Sliderules Lite has been approved and is available on App Store. Thanks Apple :


First SlideRules review:

18th January 2009

iPhone Footprint have given us a 4-star review and a rather nice write up. See it here.


SlideRules Lite submitted to Apple:

10th January 2009

A 10-level "lite" version of SlideRules is finished and is winging its way to Apple's review people.